Keep your roommates happy with a quiet and clean student house based on the rules below.

  • Landlord (Steve Van Avermaet) : 0475 32 27 61
  • Co-responsible (Veronique Janssens): 0477 58 85 03
  • Fire brigade/Ambulance : 100
  • Law enforcement : 101
  • Anti-poison center : 070 245 245
  • On-call doctors : 03 0821 40 40
  • On-call pharmacists : 0900 10 500
  • Card Stop : 070 344 344
  1. The student must keep his/her room hygienic.
  2. All students ensure that the communal kitchen and the garbage disposal remain hygienic and clean (including daily washing up).
  3. The toilets must ALWAYS be left clean after use, in addition, no sanitary towels / tampons may be thrown in the toilets.
  4. In general, the landlord provides maintenance equipment and the vacuum cleaner for cleaning up his own room. After use, the used maintenance equipment and the vacuum cleaner are stored back in the storage cupboard on the ground floor.
  5. The tenant agrees to bear his responsibility in this.
    The lessor reserves the right to take the necessary measures to maintain hygiene in the event of a lack of cleanliness and hygiene. In the event of negligence, a cleaning company will be engaged and the costs will be charged to the tenants.
  1. Each tenant puts his own waste in the appropriate waste bag or container. The containers are located in the courtyard next to the fire escape.
  2. Please always close the lid of the waste bin for hygienic reasons.
  3. I propose as a test: to first put the residual waste in a gray waste bag, when it is full, deposit it in the gray container in the courtyard. is collecting household waste, place the gray container outside with the residual waste sticker and load the gray waste bags there.
  4. The tenants are responsible for taking out the waste themselves. This is done according to a turn roll, which is stated on the magnetic board in the communal kitchen. The waste may be put out on Tuesday from 6:00 pm, the containers will be placed back inside on Wednesday.
  1. The furniture may not be detached, removed or moved.
  2. Decorating the rooms is permitted as long as no damage is caused to the permanent fixtures and the existing wall and floor coverings.
  3. Repainting the room is not allowed.
  4. Drilling holes in the furniture, walls, doors, ceiling or floor is always prohibited.
  1. The tenant is obliged to use and maintain the mattress protector.
  1. Without the permission of the landlord, it is prohibited to allow more people to stay in the room than provided for in the rental agreement.
  1. The rooms are intended as study and living space for the student. It is prohibited to assign a different destination to the rooms.
  2. Meetings, parties, parties, noisy conversations or other disruptive elements are not allowed in the rooms, the common areas and the courtyard outside.
  1. When leaving the room and the house, the student must close his room door and the front door.
  2. The tenant is advised not to leave money and/or other valuables in the room.
  3. The landlord cannot be held liable in the event of any theft.
  1. Inspection of the rooms and the common parts by the landlord in terms of condition, hygiene and safety, among other things, must always be allowed, subject to prior notification; unless in case of force majeure.
  2. The landlord reserves the right to carry out unannounced inspections of the common areas.
  1. For safety reasons, making fires (including candles or weed smoke) and/or fireworks in the rooms or anywhere in the building (inside and outside) is strictly prohibited. Possession of highly flammable substances and/or hazardous substances in the building, other than those required for domestic use, is prohibited.
  2. It is forbidden to go into the cellar or on the roofs, unless necessary.
  3. Under no circumstances may the heating boiler and the installations serving as fire protection be touched if there is no fire risk (including smoke detectors, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers, fire blanket and fire doors).
  4. The fire escape ladder may only be used in the event of a fire.
  5. Putting a fire extinguisher into operation unnecessarily will be reimbursed in proportion to the cost of the appliance, plus the costs of any cleaning. This amount will be deducted from the deposit.
  6. If a tenant inadvertently causes a false fire alarm, he must go to the telephone (above the fire extinguisher) on the ground floor and wait for the alarm center to report. The control center will ask the question whether there is a fire and the student must also provide his name and room. This avoids unnecessary intervention. If this procedure is not followed, the unnecessary costs of the intervention will be charged to the cause of the false fire alarm.
  1. There is a bicycle shed for bicycles. One place is reserved per student.
  2. It is prohibited to park bicycles or other vehicles in areas other than those provided.
  3. The landlord is not responsible for any theft of bicycles.
  1. Radio, television, etc. may be used, provided that the co-tenants are not disturbed.
  2. During the exam period and the block period, every tenant will make an extra effort to make as little noise as possible and to disturb his fellow tenants as little as possible.
  3. Any noise nuisance is prohibited in any case between 10 pm and 7 am. Partying and playing loud music are never allowed.
  1. The student building is completely non-smoking. This means that a general smoking ban applies in the common areas as well as in the student rooms. Smoking is of course allowed on the terrace and the courtyard outside.
  2. Do not throw your cigarette butts on the floor or roof.
  3. Note that if there is smoking in the room or other common areas, the fire alarm will go off.
  4. Deterioration caused by nicotine in the room or bathroom will be removed at the expense of the tenant.
  1. Whoever receives visitors bears full responsibility for them, except for the civil consequences of a crime committed by the visitor or visitor. Visitors are covered by the provisions of the Internal Regulations for the duration of their visit.
  1. Cooking, fondue, grill and other kitchen appliances may only be used in the communal kitchen. So not in rooms, corridors or other common areas, unless authorized in writing by the landlord.
  2. Placement and/or use of a deep fryer, also the use of heating oil in a pan or wok for deep-frying is not permitted anywhere, so neither in the kitchen nor elsewhere in the building.
  3. All electrical equipment not described in the agreement that is owned by the students must bear the “CE” mark and comply with the applicable safety standards. Interventions resulting from defective or non-compliant devices will be charged to the user.
  4. The landlord provides a fridge with freezer compartment, a freezer, a microwave oven, a kettle and a Senseo machine in the kitchen. Every tenant cleans the microwave oven, the Senseo appliance and the hob after use.
  1. This code of conduct contains a number of rules that every user must adhere to so that all users can enjoy the internet undisturbed.  Behavior that directly or indirectly disrupts the internet connection of other users will not be tolerated and, if necessary, action can be taken against it. The landlord offers an internet connection in every student room. There is no download limit.

  2. The landlord can temporarily or permanently close the internet connection of a tenant if one of the above-mentioned infringements has been established.

  3. The student/user agrees to the following terms of use:

    1. it is prohibited to use the internet for illegal purposes (attempt to hack into servers or other people's PC, spread viruses, download child pornography, infringe copyrights, rent or sell illegal copies of computer programs or films, distribute protected material via the internet , etc.);

    2. illegal downloads are prohibited (computer programs, movies, music, etc.);

    3. any use that causes damage or inconvenience (of any kind) to the other users or their performance capacity is prohibited;

    4. the network must not be misused to transmit or provide information that is offensive, indecent, threatening or a breach of trust;

    5. sending unsolicited or unwanted electronic mail is prohibited.

  4. Liability: The tenant takes full responsibility for all wrong, unlawful or unauthorized use of the network and/or the services by himself or by third parties to whom he has provided access and bears sole responsibility for the security of his PC and computer systems. By signing these house rules, each tenant waives any future claims for damages against the landlord in connection with the above provisions.

  1. Posters and posters may not be hung in the common areas, except on the magnetic board in the kitchen.
  2. Posters are not allowed to be hung in the rooms with thumbtacks or other materials that cause holes/damage to the walls. Only Poster Buddies are allowed. This is a versatile, easily removable and reusable square kneading glue.
  1. Pets are not allowed in the entire student building or outside the courtyard.
  1. The use of any form of drugs or mind-altering substances in the student house is prohibited and leads to immediate termination of the rental contract.
  2. The landlord will also report this to the police and can never be held responsible for use and/or trade in the student house.
  1. Please note that no water and electricity is wasted.
  2. Always make sure that taps are closed properly and that the lighting is switched off when you leave the building.
  1. Problems and defects must be reported immediately to the lessor, so that these problems can be repaired within a reasonable period of time.
  2. The landlord undertakes not to carry out any major repairs or renovations during the study and exam period.
  1. Immediate notification
    Warn the people in the area > Contact the fire brigade (100) > State the location – nature – extent of the disaster
  2. Safety and evacuation
    Take measures to bring yourself and other people to safety - If necessary: evacuate the people who are in danger.
  3. Extinguishing
    Use the powder extinguishers to extinguish or control the fire until the fire service arrives or for yourself to create a passage.
  4. Fire brigade access
    Provide easy access to the disaster site.
  5. Further actions
    Close windows and doors, avoid panic.
  1. Students can be sanctioned in the event of violation of the provisions of the Internal Regulations, including theft, vandalism or misuse of fire and security installations, as well as inappropriate behavior (disruptive noise, bullying, physical or verbal violence, sexual harassment, etc.).
  2. Disadvantaged students should file a complaint with the landlord, who in turn can inform the police.
  3. The sanctions are a warning, full or partial withholding of the deposit, payment of an invoice stating the cost statement, definitive exclusion from the building (breaking the lease) and/or legal prosecution.