Your room is located near the center of Wilrijk, so you don't have to walk far to get around.


Day and night shop

These are located just next to the building, and another one further down the Jules Moretuslei, which stays open longer at night.


There is a Colruyt behind the corner and a little further, you also have a Carrefour, Mini Market, Lidl, …


Further down the Heistraat you will also find a Blokker, shoe shops, clothing shops, sunbeds, fruit shops, bakers, interim agencies, etc.

On Boomsesteenweg you will also find IKEA, Saturn, Krëfel, etc


All colleges below are just about reachable by bike or bus in approx. 20 minutes maximum. Click here for more information on which bus stop is best for you.

KdG campus Zuid

KdG campus Markgrave

KdG campus Don Bosco in Hoboken

KdG campus Groenplaats

UA campus Drie Eiken

UA campus Groenenborger


Tired of always having to cook for yourself?

At Moretuslei you will find two French Fries shops and a tasty pizzeria. You can also order pizza or durum for home delivery.

Forests and Parks

Prefer outside than inside?

Feel free to go for a walk in the parks of Wilrijk, read a book  or just lie down to enjoy the sun in summertime.


Jeugdcentrum Vizit

At Heistraat you have this youth center with events, where you can also have a drink with other people, play table football and pool.


At Jules Moretuslei, a little past restaurant Sole, you can play snooker for a very democratic price.

Cultuurcentrum de Kern

You can find these at the bist, can’t miss it. Comedy, theater, cinema, literature, etc

Antwerp expo

Upcoming fairs and events, if you are interested. Busline 22 at the bist will take you there.