of all roommates within the student house is important.

Help, the fire alarm is ringing!

Next to the toilet on the ground floor there is the storage room with the control of the alarm, press the red button and the alarm should go off, otherwise see instruction sheet.

Then, either during or after, the central service will call to check if it was a false alarm or not, you tell them it’s a false alarm and also that it’s a student house in case they ask for a code.

  1. Immediate notification
    Warn the people in the area > Contact the fire brigade (100) > State the location – nature – extent of the disaster
  2. Safety and evacuation
    Take measures to bring yourself and other people to safety – If necessary: evacuate the people who are in danger.
  3. Extinguishing
    Use the powder extinguishers to extinguish or control the fire until the fire service arrives or for yourself to create a passage.
  4. Fire brigade access
    Provide easy access to the disaster site.
  5. Further actions
    Close windows and doors, avoid panic.

The student house meets the safety standards in case of fire. Fire blanket and first aid kit are available in the kitchens in case one should injure oneself or accidentally start a fire. Fire extinguishers can be found in the kitchens and centrally in the hallways. Finally, each room is equipped with a smoke detector. Deep-frying fat or oils are also prohibited for our roommates to reduce the fire risk.

Every year we have roommates who know something about first aid or who receive this first aid in their training. If you have knowledge and skills in first aid, you can let your roommates know: the faster you can intervene, the better.

Pharmacy is a 2 minute walk from here.

We also advise our roommates to regularly check expiration dates, not to leave dishes behind, or to keep garbage in the room, this way you keep yourself healthy and your room mold and bacteria-free.